Prices & Specials

Note: A booking fee applies to internet sales - management reserves the right of admission to the Academy Gold Cinema. Prices are subject to change without notice, and prices may vary for special events such as Live Theatre and Opera sessions. Academy Gold Cinema have the right to adjust booked seats to accommodate customers accordingly - Don't worry it would only be 1 seat over at the most.
Phone bookings are required to collect 20 - 30min prior to the session - NOTE: 15min automatic cancellation. Adult and Senior Discount Booklets (book of 10 tickets) are available. Gift vouchers available at the cinema. Note: Adult and Senior Discount Booklets have a maximum x2 per screening at the cinema. NOTE: These are only available for general movies not alternative content, Festivals, Met Opera, NT Live and Andre Rieu features.
Adult (16 - 64 years old) - $21.00
Full-time Student (with ID) - $16.00
Senior Citizen (65 years Gold Card Holder) - $15.50
Child (15 years old & under) $15.00
Family Pass - 4 admits (2 Adults, 2 Children or 1 Adult, 3 Children) $52.00
Cheap Tuesdays - All tickets $14.00 (Excludes Public Holidays)
CDHB - $15.00, Monday – Thursday (Excludes Public Holidays)
Ladies Night Ticket & Glass of wine $25.00 (This is a promotional wine Durvellia Pinot Gris this season)
BOOKLETS OF 10                                                                                                                                                                                                              ADULTS $175 (Cardholders have a limit x2 per movie)                                                                                                                                                          SENIORS $130 (Cardholders have a limit x2 per movie)
Note: Booklets are only used for General Admission. Not available for Met Opera, NT Live, Festivals or any other Alternative content 
CHRISTMAS VOUCHERS                                                                                                                                                                                                      Adults, Seniors & single wine, beer, coffee, ice-cream vouchers available.                                                                                                              Please email for more info and payment/delivery options
NT Live tickets:
Adult $29.00
Senior $25.00
Met Opera tickets:
Adult $34.00
Senior $29.00